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  Eagles & Wildlife Watching     

                               The Eagle Watch Program

The Eagle Watch program of the Delaware Highlands Conservancy is hosted at the Upper Delaware Visitor Center and offers information about eagles and eagle habitat, “eagle etiquette,” and safe eagle viewing. The Delaware Highlands Conservancy hosts Eagle Watch bus tours throughout the winter season, which depart from the Visitor Center (advance reservations are required), and staffs Eagle Observation Areas throughout the Upper Delaware River region. 

Soar with the eagles, warm up to the alpacas, snap the deer, turkey and bears. Our healthy environment is full of nature in all its glory.


                         Eagle Day

Join the Delaware Highlands Conservancy and other local organizations for a free afternoon of fun for the whole family.  Enjoy a presentsation of live birds of prey and other native birds.


                        Eagle Watch

Learn about eagles in our region, how they returned from the brink of extinction, and the habitat they need to thrive while you take a scenic drive with an expert guide  and look for eagles. 

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                                                                             Eagle and Wildlife Basics

Birdwatching is one of the most popular forms of wildlife observation, and is typically performed as a recreational activity. Those looking to birdwatch typically travel into a forest or other wooded area with a pair of binoculars in hand to aid the process. Birdwatching has become all the more important with the amount of deforestation that has been occurring in the world. Birds are arguably the most important factor in the balance of environmental systems.  

Birdwatching is a good recreational activity for families.  By taking children birdwatching, they can gain an understanding of nature and animals. If children learn at a young age how the environmental system works and that all life is intertwined, the world will be in much better hands.