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       International Travelers Love Iconic America

Foreign tourists are an important revenue source for the United States.

In New York State, they generate 30% of all tourism revenue or $19 Billion annually.

While all Americans know basic U.S. history, the vast majority of foreign travelers do not.  

Trajectory re-tells America's iconic stories in a manner and style designed for foreign travelers,

whether they speak English or Chinese.


Trajectory worked with Plimoth Plantation to re-tell three of America's most iconic stories:  Mayflower, Thanksgiving and Pilgram Life.

Plimoth Plantation also wanted to increase visitor volume among International Tourists, particularly those from China..

It was important to link Plimoth Plantation to other popular destinations among International Tourists, and

integrate Plimoth into popuar itineraries.  Plimoth storles were re-told for non-US residents in English and Chinese.


Destinations benefit in a variety of ways from Historic Locations in their markets.

By uniting Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) efforts with Historic Locations,

powerful selling tools can be created that can increase local revenues.

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