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Recommended For You

                          We match website content with visitor interests.                                                                              

Websites have hundreds of pages of content.  Sometimes thousands.

Pages are crafted to hold visitor interest and keep them engaged … PROVIDED they find the right page.

Recommended For You is a 1-on-1 service that matches content on your website with visitor interests in real-time while they are on you site.  

All website visitors can benefit from personalized assistance finding content that interests them.

Recommended For You helps visitors find what interests them most, personally, one-on-one.

It can do this because it knows the content of every page on your website and can therefore recommend the most relevant pages for each visitor individually, in real-time, based on their current interests.

Recommended For You was developed by Trajectory and Datanomers, a leader in applied artificial intelligence.

It is easy to install, does not require an IT department, increases customer satisfaction and boosts revenue.

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