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Biking in Dutchess County   

Great diversity of terrain and vistas

The beautiful scenery of the Hudson Valley has long provided peaceful inspiration for those who have traveled through it for centuries.

Thanks to its quiet roads, a wide variety of landscape vistas, friendly farmstands, farm-to-table restaurants and historic sites, it is becoming a premier bicycling destination.

Regardless of your skill level, or whether you are traveling solo or with a group, biking in the Duthess County delivers a great vacation or weekend.

Here is a sampling.


        Discover Hudson Valley Ride  

Centered around the Walkway Over the Hudson, the world’s longest footbridge, this ride is all about discovery.  Take it easy on one of the shorter routes and simply enjoying the gorgeous scenery of Ulster and Dutchess counties. Or discover what you’re capable of—with more than 5,800 feet of climbing, the 100-mile route is a century worth bragging about.


   Hudson Valley Rail Trail

Located on the summit of Beacon Mountain at 1,650 feet above sea level.  Erected by New York State in the early 20th century. Listed on the NY State and National Registry for Historic Places and the National Historic Look Out Register.


                     Self-Guided Tours

Dover Stone Church is a stunning rock formation and waterfall in a cave. It was used by Native Americans as a hideout in the 17th century, and then for weddings in the 19th century.  Since the 1800s, numerous artists have painted, sketched and etched its enigmatic beauty.


           Walkway over the Hudson 

The Walkway is 1.25 miles long and 212 feet high, and connects Highland and Poughkeepsie. It's the longest, elevated pedestrian bridge in the world, providing magnificent birds' eye views of the Hudson River, Catskill Mountains and the adjacent landscape. The former railroad bridge was built in 1888.

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