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                           Top Fishing Spots In New York State

New York has a wealth of lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds found throughout the state for fishing.

There is a wide variety of species, and enough trophy-sized fish to please any angler.   The range of fishing options can be found in these most popular fishing locations:

                                                          Finger Lakes                                                                                                                               Hudson River                                                                                                                              Lake George   

                                                Saint Lawrence Seaway                                                                                                             Lake Ontario/ The Great Lakes                                                                                                   Delaware River and Tributries   


                                   The Birthplace of Fly Fishing

The Beaver Kill is a Catskill stream located in Sullivan county and smack dab in the area that was the birthplace of fly fishing in the United States.  The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum is located in Livingston Manor in Sullivan County and worth checking out. The Beaver Kill is divided into the upper and lower sections at the confluence with the Willowemoc Creek (a tributary) in Roscoe.  Sports fishing fanatics travel great distances to add Sullivan Catskills Fly Fishing to their bucket-list.

         Trout Town Adventures 

Trout Town Adventures and Guide Services is a family-owned guide outfit run by father-son, Phil and David Eggleton.  We are located in Trout Town USA, Roscoe, N.Y. Roscoe was honored with the title "Ultimate Fishing Town". The team specializes in fishing trips and lessons.


              Catskills Fly Fishing Center

The Fly Fishing Center and Museum (CFFCM) is the world’s largest center dedicated to the fly fishing community. There are over 100 event and activity days throughout the year. It is host to: Healing Waters-Wounded Warriors-Adopt a Platoon and Casting For Recovery. It is partnered with the a sister Museum, the Italian Fly Fishing Museum in Sangro Italy. – All fly fishing.          

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                                                                                        Fishing  Basics

Fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish in the wild.

Recreational and sport fishing are primarily for pleasure or competition.

Recreational fishing has conventions, rules, licensing restrictions and laws that limit the way in which fish may be caught.  Typically these prohibit the use of nets and the catching of fish with hooks not in the mouth. The most common form of recreational fishing is done with a rod, reel, line, hooks and any one of a wide range of baits or lures such as artificial flies. The practice of catching or attempting to catch fish with a hook is generally known as angling.  People who fish recreationally are sometimes called anglers. In angling, it is sometimes expected or required that fish be returned to the water (catch and release). Recreational or sport fishermen may log their catches or participate in fishing competitions.

Why a fish bites a baited hook or lure involves a number of factors related to the sensory physiology, behavior, feeding ecology, and biology of the fish as well as the environment and characteristics of the bait, hook or lure. There is an intricate link between various fishing techniques and knowledge about the fish and their behavior including migration, foraging and habitat. The effective use of fishing techniques often depends on this additional knowledge. Some fishermen follow fishing folklores which claim that fish feeding patterns are influenced by the position of the sun and the moon.