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                        Marathons Upstate

         New York City Marathon is largest race in the world

                                     To participate, runners must first complete a recognized marathon. 

Upstate New York hosts 26 marathons annually that qualify runners for the NYC event.  Although the Boston Marathon and Chicago Marathon are also qualifying races, may runners and spectators prefer to quality at an Upstate New York race.  Runners, friends and families often plan a vacation around a marathon event.  They often spend up to a week in the area to learn more about the course and the local community.

                                 Here are some of the most popular races in Upstate NY.

           Adirondacks / June         Lake Placid Marathon

       Capital Region / October      Mohawk Hudson River Marathon

               Central NY / June     Race The Lake / Cooperstown


         Finger Lakes / September            Rochester Marathon            Greater Niagara / May                 Buffalo Marathon            Hudson Valley / June                Walkway Marathon

          Here is a list of 26 marathons organized in Upstate New York each year.



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                                                                                                            Marathon Basics

The marathon is a long-distance running race with an official distance of 26 miles 385 yards. 

The marathon was one of the original modern Olympic events in 1896.  The event was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon to Athens, who reported the victory.  More than 800 marathons are held throughout the world each year, with the vast majority of competitors being recreational athletes as larger marathons can have tens of thousands of participants.

The marathons of New York City, Boston, Chicago, London, Berlin and Tokyo form the biennial World Marathon Majors series.  

The New York City Marathon is the world’s largest annual event.

The Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon, inspired by the success of the 1896 Olympic marathon and held every year since 1897 to celebrate Patriots Day, a holiday marking the beginning of the American Revolution, thereby supposedly linking Athenian and American struggle for democracy.

The Niagara Falls International Marathon includes one international border crossing, via the Peace Bridge from Buffalo, New York, United States to Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. 

The popularity of marathons prompted most events to also include shorter distance events that are run in advance of the main event.  These can include 10 Kilometer and 5 Kilometer races, as well as walks supporting charitable causes and family health.