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Thousand Islands / Seaway 

Where the USA and Canada Meet

Discover a freshwater paradise for sightseeing and outdoor recreation-hundreds of miles of picturesque coastline and sparkling lakes, rivers and waterfalls.  Located along the peaceful border between Northern New York State (United States) and Southeastern Ontario (Canada), the 1000 Islands/Seawy Region has endless shorelines, rich history and unique culture. 


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Variety and Fun for Everyone

   The Frederic Remington Art Museum houses a comprehensive collection of original Remington paintings, sketches and sculptures, as well as a broad array of personal effects and correspondence that serve to bring the artist and his vision to life. Remington is one of America's most iconic artists and helped defined the American West during his lifetime by creating the popular image of the American West that persists today. In both painting and sculpture, he portrayed the action and drama of the West.


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                   World Class Education

SUNY Oswego welcomes International Students. It has a long and enduring tradition of international education dating back to its founding over 150 years ago. International students and scholars are a strong and growing presence on the campus, now from 34 countries. SUNY Oswego's commitment to international education will continue and it welcomes the  creativity, intellectual rigor and cultural diversity to its campus every year.  See you soon on the shores of Lake Ontario!

St. Lawrence University  has seen a significant increase in the number of International Students recently. We are excited to see students coming to Canton from all over the world.  This year marks the first time we have reached representation from over 60 countries worldwide. Students from China represent 30% of the International Student population.


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